We are your network

about us

Our goal is to make your network more secure and to encrypt and secure your communication with your friends, acquaintances or employees!
We offer you three different communication services which we für all users further developed and perfected.

We have für TeamSpeak and Discord Bots put on the für you great advantages will offer. Our support scripts are currently being updated and are now multilingual.
In the first instance we provide support via our AI, which is still in the development stage.
If you couldn't find an answer at our AI, our supporters currently offer the languages English, German, Spanish and Russian.
We at bemühen are very interested in integrating the opinion of the community into our decisions, after all, as a community you should suggest to us what you want to see and use.

Parts of our work with your friends, which will be published from time to time, on our download page, so be curious what you can expect in the future.

Network Management

Here are our server administrators

Rausgemoved - Owner


Server manager and maintainer of the network as well as responsible for Server Administration

zluxn - Head-Administrator


Head-Administrator for administration, moderation, support, designing etc.

Blubo - Developer-Administrator


Head-Developer as well as Server-Administrator, Network- and Discord Technician..

Jan - Forum-Administrator


Maintains the forum mainly and is also responsible for the SocialMedia platform "Twitter".

Deanosaurier - Adminstrator


Responsible for content development, bug fixes and Staff management

zStyle - Community-Manager


Responsible for community issues and Sozielmedia (Twitch, YouTube)


What we do

Server setup

We set up your vServer or root server
with all components

Server check

We check your server for suspected security vulnerabilities

TeamSpeak³ Server Check

We check your TeamSpeak³ server of known vulnerabilities
in the channels or server groups

User satisfaction

We offer you the best customer satisfaction

International Support

We support and process orders in German and English

Email Support

We offer you fast email support (up to 72 hours)